Friday, April 4, 2014

Mini Albums

I'm old school when it comes to certain things. I still own a VCR and watch movies (as evidence in these images). I didn't own a car with a CD player in it till 2012. I knew my Ben was 'the one' when he called instead of texted to ask me on our first date. I am a firm believer that photos are meant to be held and touched- images that only live on a computer screen never see their full potential.

Currently, we (read: I) and having a crisis bc my good ole' VCR won't even hook up to Ben's super fancy ultra schmancy TV. I remember wearing out Whitney Houston's first album on cassette tape bc I listened to it so much. If I were so lucky to even have it still, I wouldn't even be able to listen to it. Point being, technology changes so fast that images (ie. wedding collections, engagement shoots, newborn shoots) that only make it to digital will inevitably be lost one day. What if our parent's got their wedding collection on a floppy dics, we wouldn't even have a way to see them anymore. There's something beautiful and timeless about albums and I truly encourage anyone investing in a session to gift themselves (and those they will undoubtedly want to pass their beautiful photos onto) an album. Below is my first mini-album from my first love sesh with Ben. The minute I for these images, I couldn't place my order fast enough. I seriously felt like a kid on Christmas morning the day it arrived. I look at this all the time-and if you have been a guest to my place recently, you have as well.

I have a few more formal albums coming in that I will be posting about soon,  stay tuned. The album below is a great gift for couple's on a tighter budget to gift to parents, grandparents or anyone who donated a lot of time, love or/and effort to your big day or sweet occassion. Simple, sweet, 20 pages, 5x7.

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