Saturday, March 1, 2014

Confessions of a DIY Addict

Confession #1: I'm addicted to DIY projects. 
Confession #2: I've never had a finished space to work in. 

How is that possible?!?!?This year one of my New Year's resolutions was 'to be better to myself'. This includes creating a space that I love to live and love others in. With growing my business a top priority for the year,  I've turned my 2nd bedroom into a bonafide work space. I've always been drawn to kitschy, eclectic, vintage decor and so I've dedicated the past few months collecting gems from all over Richmond to create a cozy, fun, funky vibrant work space. My office is 97% done, just a few more photos to hang (blog post about my office to come soon). Today, tho, I wanted to share a sweet little DIY project. 

I was really inspired by these: 

Seen on pintrest here. Can be bought from Etsy store, here

I just didn't have it in my budget to shell out $45 or the patience to wait on shipping time so I headed out to my local thrift store (My local go to's are For the Love of Jesus stores on Midothian and Nine Mile.  Yahtzee!) I found these puppies there for $1 a piece. Such a bargain. 

One thing that I've learned thru all of my DIY projects, is the importance of visualizing. These three frames didn't look like much but I knew that I wanted three frames similar in shape but to be a little ornate. Shape and form are so important in DIY projects- if you can visualize the shape you need then there's nothing that a little (or a lot) of spray paint can't tackle.  And I knew that my office needed a POP of Cherry Red gloss as well. .I bought three off white and white photo mats from the local craft store on sale and used some old post cards that I bought that have been sitting in my closet: Lucy, Marilyn and Audrey :) I sprayed each frame 2x for extra good coverage, let dry for a few hours and Viola! Custom homeade, punchy, funky one of a kind wall art. 

Total Project Time: 2.5 hours (mostly drive time, hunting for frames, and drive time)

Cost: $15.00 
(Old post cards: $1.00, Thrift Store Frames: $3.00, Photo Mats: $11.00, Spray paint: $0- a well stocked spray paint supply in your hallway closet is invaluable for a DIY-er)

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