Monday, March 17, 2014

A Personal Shoot: My Love.

Ben and I met over a sandwich mix-up at the fine art museum. He got my club, no mayo extra cheese on wheat and I got his club no lettuce extra bacon on white. Go figure.

No, no. I actually braked suddenly when he dashed into the middle of oncoming traffic to rescue of shoe box of  hour old kittens. 

Ok, ok. He camped out to be first in line at my fictional book signing that ,by the way, never happened. 

Take your pick. Ben and I have spent many a conversation dreaming up ways that we met that seem more fitting to this whirlwind relationship that took over out lives a little more than 6 months ago. We met on a dating site: a free, not-so-glamorous, regular, 'ole run-of-the-mill, dating site. We don't actually remember who-messaged-who-first, our profiles have been long since deleted (I'm guessing immediately after our first date). 
I remember him being suave, smooth, and charming.He was steadfast in the way he spoke, the way he walked, the way he opened my car door (and every door we've walked thru together in the past 8 months). People say 'when you know, you know'.  I embrace and give thanks for 'knowing' after our first date. I'm making a resolution now, early on in our relationship, to get us in front of the camera more- even just for a mini-shoot here and there. I remember looking at photos of my grandparents when they were dating and cherish those sweet memories and invaluable glimpses into the past that would have been long lost without those photographs.  I want to be able to pass along the same gems to our children and our children's children. 

Thank you so my dear best friend, Heather, for being a pillar of support in my relationship along with the one who snapped these images.

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