Sunday, January 5, 2014

Auld Lang Syne {kinda...} 2013 Recap

I'm so embarrassed to recognize how long it's been since I've blogged. Wedding season 2013 was a gigantic blessing that left scrambling to find my time management skills. Better late than never, this post takes a look over 2013 IYQ weddings.

 If you or anyone you know is recently engaged and looking for a photographer, I would love to connect over coffee. 

Last year ended/this year began with an oh, so rad NYE wedding here in 
Richmond, Va with Maria and Jimmy.

My next wedding took me up to north for Mia and Kalen's lavish NYC wedding.

Jacinta and Alan's Biltmore Estate wedding in Asheville, NC was one the most beautiful, intimate weddings I've ever shot

Ashley and Pete's darling red, white, and black wedding brought me back home to Richmond, Va. There's something about the below pic that I cannot get enough of. 

The Annapolis harbor was the PERFECT backdrop for Tik and Andy's courthouse elopement.

Margot and Deepak's fun red and lavender wedding was made perfect by their 'Love Giraffe' accents.

Leslie and Sean's Lewis Ginter Botanical wedding could not have been scripted better. The butterfly themed wedding corresponded perfectly to the Butterfly live exhibit at the garden. 

Tennille and Andrew's glamorous Parisian themed wedding brought be back up to NYC. 

On my way home from NYC, I stopped in Pennsylvania to shoot Monika and Luke's big day. 

Jordan and Ryan's Denver Colorado wedding took me the furthest west this year. There was something so sweet and endearing about their DIY wedding that was just too much for words. 

Bridgett and Adam's Lee Club wedding brought me back home to Va. Her bouquet popped on camera so beautifully, I felt like my eyes were playing tricks on me. 

Devon and Ross's Girl Scout Minnesota wedding was EXACTLY my speed. 

Jamie and Charlie's Nags Head wedding could not have gotten any prettier.

Lauren and Thomas's Cooper Vineyard wedding gave me one of my all time fave pics of my photo career- they babies Mama and Platty dressed in their wedding best. 

Seriously?! Yep, Seriously.
Kara and Steven- I'm not sure what the mitigating factor was with both the bride and the groom being so good looking AND so nice but I am so glad that I got to share their day with them. 


Christina and Chris's wedding took me up to DC. Her dress looked like a princess dress. 

Jen and Marc's Malvern, PA wedding had some of the prettiest florals I've ever seen at a wedding.

Shooting Caroline and Jeremy's Williamsburg, Va wedding was such an honor. I shot their elopement 
exactly 9 month prior. 

 MEOW! My first international wedding was Anneshia and Sam. I know Puerto Rico is technically a US territory but I'm counting this as international. 

Kate and Scott were a couple who truly humbled me. They are such a rad couple, every aspect of them togerther and  their wedding- I love so much. It is ALWAYS an honor to share such special days so closely with all of my clients- and it's couple like them- who embrace me as more than their photographer- there are just no words.  

 Franny and Tyler's northern VA wedding was a BLAST. Their reception was a giant party. Yes, please. 

 Natasha and Jason's Ft. Lauderdale, FL wedding was a breath of  fresh air and sunshine amid dreary VA weather. 

Colleen and Kevin's wedding at Bolling Haxall House in Richmond, Va was THE perfect way to 
wrap up my wedding season. 

And to finish the post, I offer you a pic of my trusty office companion, Baby Millie. I keep starring at her while I'm trying to finish this post. Isn't she darling?!  She test drove some new pillows I'm working on for the couch all while playing creative director for this post. 

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