Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Sweet Engagement Soiree {Personal Post}

The universe blesses us by bringing people and relationships into our lives. I know this in my heart. 

Not long ago, Scott and Frank joined our family. The connection was instant and I know that none of our lives will ever be the same. My mother and I were so fortunate to be able to host such a sweet gathering of loved ones to share in the excitement of their engagement. After 14 years of being together, as my dear brother James said  in this speech, some people really do get their fairy tale endings.

So dreamy right?! Let me introduce, starting from the left Frank&Scott (the happy couple), Heather 'Boojank' Toler- my twin, Ben-my delish date to this dinner, my beautiful mother Sumire, my handsome brother James and his lovely girlfriend Katie.

Dinner was illuminated by stands of globe lights strung from the trees in my mom's back yard.

We made an entire table runner of tea candles in baby jars. I think the count was around 250. Sweet-handsome-I-want-to-kiss-his-face Ben ,in the sweltering heart of this July, evening lit them for me. Such a dream boat.

This dinner was the first time James and I brought out respective partners to dinner with the famfam. When I met her, I asked him how he landed a cool girl. Joke.... Kinda. I love my lame-o little brother.

Isn't my mom so pretty?!?! Side note- the last time she wore this EXACT outfit (totally by chance) and we hosted an engagement party in her backyard was almost one year ago- three days before she was diagnosed with cancer. Talk about coming full circle. 

Even Bartholomeow kitty cat wanted join in on the festivities.

Jimbo having a Backstreet Boy moment. But in all seriousness, isn't my brother adorable. I asked his to give the main speech of the night and gave him specific instructions now to wing it. He did and we all still cried it was so touching.

Love this face. 

Be sure to check back in October 2014 for images from their wedding. 

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  1. Beautiful... Just as the evening it spoke of. The time, the energy, the love... there is no way to measure what went into this evening. I met a multitude of wonderful people at this party and before I knew it, I became part of the evening rather than just a guest to it. For those that say there is "no such thing as Magic", well, it DOES exist... I was a part of it that night. - Ben