Friday, June 14, 2013

Botanical Wedding Photography ::Richmond, VA::

I'm so thrilled to share a preview of Leslie and Sean's botanical wedding. They got married in a garden of roses (c'moooonnn) and their wedding had accents of butterflies throughout. I'm not sure what indescribable quality makes these two so perfect for each other, but individually AND and a couple they have that 'it' factor. Besides the fact that they might be one of the best looking couple I've ever photographed, they are beyond words crazy about each other, it was a joy and a privilege to photograph this wedding. 

Isn't Leslie's smile electric? She's ALWAYS had this smile, as far back as I can remember to when I met her in middle school. :) 

Tianna Yentzer of Truly TY Photography spent the day shooting this wedding with me. Be sure to bookmark her site and of course find her on Fb and drop her some love.

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