Friday, May 10, 2013

Bride Style: Edition VIII

Cherry Blossom Bride

When I initially conceptualized the Bride Style series, I thought that with every session, I would create the story behind that particular bride. With this session, I feel like a hypothetical back story about this bride would almost compromise the  integrity and beauty of this shoot. Thank you to Emily Dionne, DC Event planner and coordinator (check out  her site: here) who put me in touch with this gorgeous couple with her gorgeous dress.And thank you Amy and Ryan for braving the crowds of sunrise cherry blossoms to shoot with me. Without further ado,  I'd like to share this beautiful bridal session which is also my 8th bride style. 


  1. Beautiful Kimie! I love these so much! xoxo

  2. Finally getting to look at these on a computer instead of smartphone! I love what you did here, Kimie. Those cherry blossoms are hard to beat. Thanks for the beautiful memories!