Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bride Style: Edition VII

And the Bride Wore Black...

This bride bucks tradition and opts for an LBD (little black dress) on her wedding day- as opposed to a LWD (large white dress). She can't make sense of spending a lot of money on a dress she'll only wear once and besides, white was never really her color anyway- is every anyone's color? On her special day, she wants to feel flirty, fun, and sexy- all achieved with smokey eyes, mile long lashes and her customed veil for that perfect touch of mystique. Her fiance has always loved her adventurous spirit and willingness to write her own rules and this is no exception. 

Side note: The day after we shot this Bride Style Segment- I found an article on the homepage of yahoo about the trend of brides wearing black. Why didn't I save that article? Because I'm lame, but let me offer you instead some insight from my dear Vera, here

Thank you so much to Christine for being my bride and the incomparable Jocelyn Logan whose work is **absolutely  impeccable.**


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