Monday, March 4, 2013

Bride Style: Edition V

The Morning After Bride. 

This bride's party didn't stop till the sun came up. On top of her custom wedding gown, this bride spent many  hours and many fittings getting her reception dress just right. This custom-handmade gold mini was the perfect accent to her oh-so glam city wedding. And after the guests went home, this bride- on the arm of her hunky new husband- loaded up their 12 person wedding party to take over New York. Their late night of partying consisted of VIP booths and bottles of champagne all before this bride finished out the night with her morning after portraits in the middle of time square. Women like this make smudged makeup and morning after hair look smokin' hot.

Dress by Randy Rose and hair by Jessica Johnson.


  1. Love the dress and LOVE the photo of the bride running across the street. Stunning! Her beauty shines through so strongly. The subject is gorgeous and the photographer is exceptionally skilled.

  2. Love Love Love!!!
    Hair was by Erica Johnson :-)