Friday, December 7, 2012

Sticky Albums.

I'm so thrilled to bring a new product to many of you all! From here on out, any client who books a session or wedding receive a little tidbit after their session- what is that little tid-bit you ask. Welp, kiddos, hold onto your booties b/c it's a mobile app! Yes! You read correctly! How fantastic! Let me explain: 

A few months ago, I had the pleasure to 2nd shoot for Abbie of Abbie Reufner photography. She's pretty wonderful. She shared with me her love for Sticky Albums- customizable mobile apps that last forever and allow clients to share their images at the touch of a button. At the time, I didn't even have a smart phone (no suprise there, I still watch VHS's and listen to my middle school CD's and have a killer collection of records). I do know how much people love their phone so what better way to tell my clients how much I love them and their photos than with these apps. Available on Android and I-Phones/tablets/ ect. this app is totally customizable and with super easy sharing to other smart phone users, speading the love of how gorgeous clients photos are= easy breezy. 

Want to see? Yes, you do. Check out a recent sticky album I did for a Kathleen and Brian

This is the body of the email they receive: 

Open this email on your mobile device.
Because your album is over 10MB, Please connect to Wi-Fi before launching for the first time.

 If you get this prompt, tap Increase to save your album for offline viewing.

Open it on your phone and check out how rad it is. Want one for yourself? There are now included with every session. Yes, you read correctly, every session. Are you a past client who wants one too? Because I love all my clients and this company (their customer service is through the roof amazing, I'm a customer for life and will sing their praises from the rooftop), email me and I will happily create one for you to have and cherish and share with everyone you know as well. Are you a photographer and want to/have to get in on this? Do it!, you can thank me later. You're clients will love it and love you for it.

For today's goodie, I will leave you with a pic from a recent wedding. In honor of my new found affection for film, I share this pic (while taken digitally has a film quality to it). So yummy. 
Let this be a precursor of things to come. 

Happy Friday!

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