Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thirty by Thirty

My Dirty Thirty(th) birthday is right around the corner, well almost. The older I get, the faster times flies. This is my theory as to why... remember when we were 5 years old,  Christmas to Christmas seemed like an eternity. Well, when we were 5, a year was 1/5th of our entire life, it really was an eternity. Now, at 27 a year is only 1/27th of my life, that's nothing. If I did the equivalent to how I experienced a year at five years old to how I experience it now, 1 year would be the equivalent of 5.4 years as 1/5th of my whole life. Confusing, maybe but let it marinate and if it's still mind boggling, call me or message me. I think about this A LOT (enough to dedicate an entire blog post to it) and I'm always happy to connect with someone whose mind it blows too. 

That all being said, I am looking forward to thirty, maybe not, but if I say it enough it will be come true. It's just like eating olives, tho I'll save that for another blog post. 
30 will be here before I know it and when it gets here, I want to be ready. My to-do list: 

1. Ice Skate in Rockefeller Plaza and See the Tree.
2. Get my work published in a magazine.
3. Put together a fantastic shoot for my family.
4. Revamp my blog.
5. Be apart of a 3 month fitness Challenge. 
6. Run a mud course/adventure 5k.
7. Get back down to 160lb.
8. Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in Person. 
9. Shoot an International Wedding.
10. Stop biting my nails.
11. Take a road trip with a girlfriend. To somewhere great. 
12. Photograph my pups. 
13. Learn how to use my 8mm camera. 
14. Run a half marathon.
15. Shoot a wedding on the West Coast.
16. Go to Mardi Gras.
17. Visit Niagra Falls.
18. Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival.
19. Spend 4th of July in DC.
20. Buy a Contax Camera.
21. Go to a NFL game.
22. Fine Art Nude Shoot. Of Myself.
23. Visit My Gradparents Graves. 
24. Direct a Style Shoot. 
25. Develop a 5 year plan.
26. Purge my wardrobe.
27.  Seriously begin to plan a month long trip to India.
29. Sky Dive. Again. 
30. Put all of my students loans on paper and figure out exactly how long it will take me to pay it off.  

This list was inspired by my dear friend Toni Winston's blog: 
She's a gem and an absolute resource to anyone and everyone she knows. I love her dearly.

And ending on a sweet note, I'll leave you with a teaser of the groomsmen from my
 NYC Wedding  from this past weekend. Can't wait to share more from this wedding.

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