Friday, November 16, 2012

Maya and Neal's 1920's Circus Wedding.

There are some weddings that you feel so thrilled to shoot, overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the event and slightly intimidated about how to do justice to such a phoenomenal event. This was that wedding for me all rolled into one.

This wedding was so dazzling, and beautiful, and thoughtful and wonderful, and sweet, and charming, and lovely, and offbeat and quirky and intimate, and the list goes on. What I love so much about this wedding was (where do I start), it was held at the couples home- EVERYTHING from that kick ass food spread to the stage to the tent decor to the fortune teller and vintage nude booth was made by the couple. They said their vows under a stage that the groom built by hand. The bride handmade the personalized tarot cards that guests could get from the handmade fortune telling booth. The list goes on. Below is just a sneak peak of how spectacular this wedding was. Full slide show to come soon. Thank you so much to Thibaud of Phonoise Photography for joining me with this wedding. I love photo company.

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