Sunday, November 13, 2011


There are some days when 5 minutes on the living room floor is exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Meet Sylvester. 

Foster kitten. Available for adoption thru Richmond Animal Care and Control. Bundle of energy. Step sibling to Millie and Sebastian.

The next picture reminds me of Don Quixote.

Meet Sebastian 'The Babe'.

Loyal companion. My shadow. Chewer of Everything. 95 Pound Lap dog. Pound Puppy. Sibling to Millie and Sylvester. Attention hog.

Meet Baby Millie. Also known as 'Mildred Estelle'.

Grumpy. Gentile. Endearing. Charming. Entitled. Perfect.

Every time I foster a kitty, Millie pretends like they are her babies.
At night, Millie and Sylvester kitty take turns chasing each other around the house.
After three years, she still pretends not to know her name is Millie.

Sometimes the best therapy is free. And furry.

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