Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fatimah and Jermaine. Official Preview.

I've been in Love with Fatimah and Jermaine ever since I read their story- they are a real life love story: High School Sweethearts. Even as I type it, I get chills. By the time they said their vows, they had already been together for 13 years. Yes, I did just say 13 years. I'm not one for many words when it comes to this blog, I usually like it short and sweet but its essential and a blessing to know their story b/c it's a nice reminder (especially in this business) that fairy tale love stories do happen in real life. And getting to shoot the wedding of one, pretty rad. Below are a combination of mine and Leah Kelso of Hello Fabulous Photography who so graciously came out to shoot with me.


Wedding Coordinator: Toni Winston. 

A thank you and a welcome to the world of wedding photography to Thibaud Guerin-Williams of PhoNoise Photography who also came out to snap some shots of this blessed event.

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