Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photo Goals for 2011.

I've committed to hitting my photo goals this year like I never have with anything else. Almost 2 months into it, this is my update.

Be apart of shooting 15 12 weddings. (One Beach, one out of state)
Primary shoot 7 4of them. 
Go to WPPI in 2012. I won a contest and I leave tomorrow for WPPI 2011.
Get published 2x. 
Give away wedding photography to a deserving couple. 
Volunteer with a non-profit as their photographer. 
Shoot four  three killer fashion shoots. 
Have my work appear in two art shows. 
Start and finish 'Waiting for My Ship to Come In'. (A documentary project that I've been conceptualizing for over a year now. 
Shoot a couples session in DC. 
Buy a new camera and lens. 
Set up a studio. 
Hire a kick ass photographer to take photos of Ryan and I.

Slow and Steady wins the race. 

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