Friday, January 21, 2011

I love surprises, I do but my go-to line is this: 'I do love surprises, so please surprise me now.'

I couldn't wait to post these. I wanted to unveil the site when it was done but I've been working so hard to archive ALL of the photos I dug up in the move, I had to share these. The two photos below are without a doubt two of my favorite captures I've ever taken. One is Lesotho, Africa the other in Shikoku, Japan.  I sometimes forget that I did go to these places and these things really did happen to me and  no matter how much time passes apart of my past and that never changes. For that I am completely blessed.

For all of you IYQ supporters, this isn't replacing IYQ but it'll have a different focus that I'm so excited to share.

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