Monday, January 18, 2010

Who are you? Really.

They are officially in!!! Check out all the different ego's from my first ever Alter-Ego Party. Come out to the grand unveiling at Artworks Gallery on Saturday, January 13 from 5-8 in the Center Gallery.

The Bombshell

The Anti-Bride

The Sexpot

The Socialite
The Confident One
The Slave

The Modern Woman

Her Mother's Daughter

The Everyday Woman

The Ball Player

The Strict One
The Punk Rockstar
The Model
The Photographer
The Demure One
The Goth
The One Definitely in Control
The Celibate One
The Intimate One
The Supermom
The Showgirl
The Teacher
The Tough and Sexy One
The Doctor
The Pregnant One
The Crazy One
The B-Baller
The Shot Caller

The Queen

The Barbie

The Woman

The Nerd

Dig it?? Contact Yolanda Savoy, The Socialite to book yours!

1 comment:

  1. Very cool set...I love the idea of the names you gave each shot!