Monday, August 10, 2009

Bigger and Better

Jake and I are in Huntingdon for the next day or so. We got here late Saturday night and hit the Bigger and Better Huntingdon Fair opening day on Sunday. Alish and Gwen were as yummy as all the fair food. I think we started with an orangeade, Hawaiian ice, sausage sandwich, Bummy's Tacos, Blooming Onion, Fried Oreo, Ice cream cone, Back to Bummy's, BBQ Sandwich. Went home for a nap, then round two with a gyro, monkey bread, and strawberry lemonade. The next day we indulged in some more tacos, Sausage sandwich, orangeade, and funnel cake. We took the Speck's boat out and spent the day on the lake. AMAZING! It was the four of us plus Millie, LuLu and Mason. We went cliff diving, learned that Millie is a terrible swimmer and watched Jake show off his mad water ski skillz (and lack of mine). We were at the pig show bright and early on day three to start the day off with french toast sticks from the 4-H booth, then a gyro, orangeade, cheesecake on a stick and BBQ sandwich. Nap and round four? with a sausage, lemonade, timeout to watch the tractor pull, back to monkey bread, cheesecake on a stick, and funnel cake. For the record, Jake and I split everything but I still think- Go big or go home, seriously...;)

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