Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It's funny how things always work. ALWAYS! Jake first saw Lulu south side of Richmond. No collar, un -spayed, ribs showing, ticks in her ears, and road paint on her belly. She was following a kid down the street when Jake saw the kid turn around and kick her. The kid's response was 'The thing won't stop following me'. Jake called her over and she came running a whole block to roll over on his feet. She's like Mary Poppins -Practically perfect in every way. After Alerting animal control, numerous Craigslist postings and multiple trips to the area, nothing. It's been two weeks and she's waited up her stray date as far as animal control is concerned. This morning I work up and she was curled up on my shoulder she was sleeping with her head on my forehead. Millie and her are finding their rhythm. Slowly but surely, they play all the time. ALL THE TIME!!! AHHH!!! I love her already...alot.

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